Showreel Editing

A polished and tightly edited showreel can help both young actors and award-winning talent to get more work. By presenting your work the right way, a strong reel can open doors and get that next key role or agent representation.

Building your career

An essential marketing tool, a strong video showreel is a living document much in the same way as a c.v. (curriculum vitae) is. As you grow, so does your showreel. As such, we are keen to build a relationship that will get you more work and carry you on to your next success.

Showing your best side

When starting out, you might not be in many scenes but we can selectively re-edit your footage to give you prominence so that your talent shines through. Depending on what roles you are going up for, we can also create specific showreels that focus more on different aspects of your range, i.e. for more focussed on comedy, stage roles, presenting work and others.

At the end of the day, we want you to come across the best way possible. As such we’ll tell you why a sequence doesn’t necessarily work or how it could be improved. 

Assembling your footage

Showreels don’t always arrive on tape or a DVD. We are quite used to work with different media and downloading files to create the best reel possible, be that on a disc, DVD, Bluray or online like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Vimeo and BBC iPlayer.

Reviewing your edit

We are comfortable working remotely, as we are having you with us here in Berlin. In the majority of cases, most clients are content to let us do a ‘cold review’ on the footage and then come back with suggestions as to how the showreel could be improved. Once we have an agreed running order in place, then things can start to move really fast.

Ideally clocking in at 2-3 minutes in duration (and no more than 5 minutes max) your showreel should be short, sharp and to the point. As with any good marketing tool, your showreel should whet a casting director’s appetite, not drown them in an endless running time.

Distributing your showreel

If you need help in uploading your showreel, setting up a YouTube or Vimeo profile just let us know upon booking.


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