Podcasts are exploding right now and there’s never been a more accessible way of communicating with your clients, or sharing your passion for a topic whilst building an audience.

What’s involved?

Making a podcast is relatively simple. You just need a means of recording your voice, saving it as an audio file and uploading it to a distribution platform. However, like anything easy, there’s a lot of work in making a podcast that people genuinely want to listen to, instead of just passing it by.

Quality is king

First and foremost, it has to sound good. Poorly recorded audio will immediately relegate your podcast channel and hinder it from gaining subscriptions and building an audience. That’s where we can help.

Having learnt the hard way, a well-recorded podcast can make the difference between listening to two or three people talking in a room and having them talk inside your head. It’s for that reason we only use quality microphones in all of our recordings.

The next step is to suppress any external noise that might interfere with your audience’s enjoyment of your podcast. Air conditioning units, fridges, street noise and more, can all be “fixed in post” but it’s always best to minimise them before recording. Having been down this road before, we know what advice to give you on noise-suppressing your recording space.

Making it great from the start

Even though the podcasting medium is still in its relative infancy there are still many guidelines worth following – and just like good video production, preparation isn’t just key, it’s essential. As such, we can help you increase not just the appeal of your show but also help you develop episodic structure so your audience knows what to expect.

Editing your podcast

Even after recording your podcast in the best possible set-up, be inside a sound-treated studio or outdoors “on location”, most podcasts still need some editing before going “live”. From stumbled questions, mispronounced words, all way through to mouth clicks and more, we can edit your podcast so that it sounds attractively professional.

In addition to this, we can also offer a higher degree of consultancy. Instead of just creating a technically perfect edit, we can do a deep-dive examination of each episode and cut it for maximum impact. For example. Many times in conversation, whether asking or answering a question, people will often repeat themselves as they become more comfortable with the answer they’ve given. However, a podcast audience doesn’t need to hear the same thing twice, and so, with a more judicious edit, we can give you a trimmed podcast which will reward your listeners with a clear and concise message that doesn’t get lost in the waffle.

What is the right episode length?

There isn’t one. The more detailed explanation is that if you have an hour’s worth of arresting content then your podcast should last an hour. If you only have half an hour or fifteen minutes of good material, then again, that’s how long the episode should be. Boring talk is a subscription killer. If you want people to subscribe to your podcast then you mustn’t make the mistake of wasting their time with incessantly inane banter. 

Again, this is where a tighter edit can help and after helping you though a couple of episodes, a natural rhythm usually emerges which can either be tightened up or made looser, as is needed.

How do I get onto Apple, Alexa, Spotify, Google etc. ?

This is the job of a podcasting platform and we can help pair you up with the right one. Some offer a free service and others charge a monthly fee. In general, what you pay for is what you get and the one most obvious aspect that this shows itself is in statistics.

If you want to keep tabs on how well your podcast is doing, you will need a good statistics package. In addition to this, many will eventually look towards additional marketing. Unless you are already a well-known personality with a ready-made audience, this can help you connect you to a prospective audience. 

However, in the initial phases, it’s good to see how well a podcast fares organically and then slowly start adding different marketing strategies to see how effective they might be for your show.

All set to go live?

If you’re ready then simply let us know and we’ll help turn your podcast into a professional sounding reality.


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